About Natalie

West Virginia Roots: West Virginia First

mountaineerWest Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant grew up on a farm in Marion County as the youngest of seven children in a house with nine people and one bathroom. Natalie’s dad is a retired school principal and her mom was a teacher. Natalie worked her way through college at West Virginia University on a minimum wage job, and her dad sold cows to help with tuition. Natalie ran a successful small business before becoming West Virginia’s Secretary of State, where she was elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012 with more than 60 percent of the vote. Natalie’s husband, Erik, is a Navy Reservist who has deployed to both Afghanistan and Africa. They are raising their daughter, Delaney, in Charleston. Natalie is well known across West Virginia for breaking barriers as the first woman Mountaineer at WVU, and for bringing attention to the stories impacting West Virginia for more than 12 years as a television news anchor in Clarksburg and Charleston.


Natalie cut spending and gave $3 million back to West Virginia Taxpayers

Growing up on the farm taught Natalie how to do more with less. She took that value to the Secretary of State’s Office where she cut her own budget and gave $3 million back to the taxpayers of West Virginia.

Natalie fought corruption in her own partygivingheck

Natalie showed independent leadership when she went against her own party and put three democratic officials in jail for election fraud – proving she will always put West Virginia ahead of politics, party, or power.

Natalie has the record to help West Virginia businesses create good-paying jobs

Natalie’s number one priority is creating good-paying jobs for West Virginians. As a small business owner herself, Natalie knows the challenges businesses face. That’s why she cut fees for small businesses in the Secretary of State’s Office and made it easier to file paperwork, which saves time and money businesses can spend creating jobs.