It’s been seven and a half years of tremendous accomplishments, challenges, and forward thinking in the Secretary of State’s office.

Greater Transparency

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a more accessible government office… Other government officials could learn a thing about transparency from the WVSOS.”
– West Virginia Watchdog, December 31, 2010.

Natalie has become known as our state’s most transparent office holder through an open and engaging government that has cut through bureaucratic red tape, saved businesses money through efficiency and online services and fought election fraud for clean, honest and accessible elections.

Protecting Voting Rights

natalie at desk muzzleloaderNatalie has fought to protect our right to vote at the same time leading investigations that have lead to more convictions of election law violations than any other Secretary of State.  There has been no other secretary as tough on election fraud as Natalie and her record proves it.

Natalie has made it easier for people in outlying areas of their county to cast a ballot during the early voting period by making a voting location available in their community.

Through her leadership and forward thinking, West Virginia has led the nation when it comes to safe and secure online voting for our military members overseas.

Business Friendly

Natalie served on a national panel with other secretaries of state to develop best practices to protect businesses from identity theft. Her office implemented a Business ID Theft Email Blast that alerts business owners whenever a change is made to an online business record. The alert is sent to the email address on record for that business.

Getting Results

Natalie’s results-oriented, problem-solving approach has resulted in increases of online business filings, reduction of fees for late filers, greater protection against Business Identity Theft, improved charity and business database searches and online chats and text messaging to better serve citizens of the state.

Helping Veterans Become Entrepreneurs

bootsAs Secretary of State, Natalie designed and implemented a program to waive the business incorporation fees for veterans who choose to return home and start a business. Learn More


“I will continue to push West Virginia forward. I am not one who sits on the sidelines when there is work to be done. We may not always agree but we can agree that West Virginia deserves our best efforts.”

-Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant