Tennant Calls for Shinseki Resignation

U.S. Senate Candidate and Military Wife Says More than Political Show Needed to Fix Systemic Problems

(CHARLESTON, WV) – West Virginia Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Natalie Tennant released the following statement today calling for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary General Eric Shinseki. Tennant’s husband served in Afghanistan and her father served in the Korean War.

While Tennant said Shinseki should step aside because he’s become a distraction from the VA mission, she urged much more is needed to truly reform the broken VA system.

“It’s clear General Shinseki has become a distraction from the mission of the VA. New leadership is needed to earn back the trust and confidence of veterans and military families that the VA can deliver answers and find solutions to fix the broken system,” Tennant said.

“My blood boils when I think this could happen to my dad or my husband – it’s personal. And I can tell you firsthand, our military families are tired of empty gestures, we see right through the politics, and we deserve real results that won’t get accomplished simply by throwing one guy out for political show. Washington needs to be honest about the deep and systemic problems within the VA. And every level of government, from Congress to the White House, needs to take responsibility for their role in failing our veterans, put down the talking points and start working together to do something real about the problem. For many military families the VA is their last hope. We cannot wait for another tragedy before we show this much outrage and interest in the broken VA system again.”

Tennant has a strong track record of demanding accountability. As Secretary of State, Tennant led the investigation that put three members of her own party in prison for trying to steal an election in 2010.

Yesterday Tennant praised the many quality, caring staff at West Virginia VA facilities and urged the VA’s top watchdog to include West Virginia in investigations to make sure veterans are getting the care they need.

Tennant’s campaign chair is West Virginia’s longest serving Adjutant General Allen Tackett.